Old White Padre Beads

Old White Padre Beads
Old White Padre Beads
Old White Padre Beads
Old White Padre Beads



These great looking authentic old white padre beads were one of the most valuable styles of trade beads in North America. Priced per strand.

Trade Beads - Authentic Old white Padre Beads.

A beautiful strand of approximately 80-100 white Padre beads imported from Nigeria on raffia 21 inches long, bead to bead.

Bead Specifications:

  • Glass Construction
  • Approx Bead Size: 7mm x 9mm
  • Approx Hole Size: 3-4mm
  • Made in Nigeria
  • Found in Ghana
  • Approx Age: 1900s
  • Good Overall Condition - Shows Age

Padre History

Padre beads are glass beads whose origin is traced back to ancient China. In the late 18th century, these beads spread rapidly in use in Southwest and Northwest America, following the trading patterns of Russian and Spanish traders. Padre beads were available in 3 sizes: jumbo Dogons measuring 5/8’s to ¾ inches in diameter; mid-sized Crow beads measuring 3/8’s inches in diameter and the small Pony beads measuring 3/16’s inches in diameter. Padre beads were available in a variety of colors. Blue and white Padres were the most valuable historically but were only two of many styles and colors accepted for trade among the Native Americans.