Solid Aluminum Billet

Solid Aluminum Billet
Solid Aluminum Billet



Modern 1 inch 'hard percussion' solid aluminum billet, good for fast stone removal, cleaning, and finish work. 6" long by 1 inch wide with domed tip. Ready-to-use. (Due to machining length may be +/- 1/8")

Lightweight, versatile and durable billet made from solid aluminum. Metal billets are precision tools, and this lightweight model is what we use for trimming, cleaning and light flintknapping around the shop. Metal billets can save your arm and wallet if you do a lot of flintknapping since these can be resurfaced multiple times.

Metal percussion billets behave differently than antler, are not historically correct, but do come in handy for general flintknapping as well as tackling those problematic step fractures and over beveled platforms.

Aluminum billets work well on heated chert/flint and other easy-to-knap materials. Can hold up to dense Texas material. Especially good for smaller knapping projects up to 4 inches.

To learn more, please check out our Using Solid Metal Billets page for tips and information on how this billet compares to other types of percussion tools.