Traditional Abrader / Grinding Stone

traditional abrader grinding stone for flintknapping platforms



The original, traditional course stone abrader. These are palm sized chunks of sand stone used to help create the perfect striking platform. Size and color may vary from stone to stone. Sold individually.

After extended use the edge may become smooth. To correct this, break the edge with a hammer to create a fresh grinding surface.


Traditional tools are also known by flint knappers as 'abo' tools (derived from the word aboriginal). These terms refer to tools that are made of natural materials and are similar in function to the implements used by our stone tool making predecessors throughout the course of human technological development. Examples of other abo tools include hammer stones of various densities and shapes, antler tine flakers, rib bone flakers, lashed flakers, wood billets, sandstone edge modifiers, and billets created from the base or 'crown' section of antler.

Flint knapping with traditional tools is immensely rewarding, though challenging to use and not the easiest to learn with. There remains something to be said for recreating the process that is largely accepted as one of the most important technological advances in human history with nothing more than items found on the forest floor.